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It provides information about how to take care of your rodent pet – including housing advice, feeding instructions, health tips for keeping them healthy, and more!

Who we are:

Emily Frame

Emily Frame is a writer and editor at smileyrodent.com, where she writes and edits articles about rodents as pets. She has been living with her family of chinchillas and guinea pigs for over ten years now, which means she’s become an expert on the subject! Emily loves to write articles that will help people learn more about rodent care to keep their rodents happy and healthy.

Bruce Paxton

Bruce Paxton is a full-time writer for SmileyRodent.com, where he writes articles to provide readers with the best guides and advice on keeping rodents as pets. He has been an animal lover since childhood when he got his first pet hamster. Bruce lives in Sacramento with his family of chinchillas and guinea pigs (and three cats), who share their house with him.