Can Hamsters Eat Oreos? [Oreo, Syrian Hamster, Foods]

Hamster owners have been asking themselves, can hamsters eat Oreos? The answer is that it depends on the type of hamster you have. Syrian hamsters are not typically able to eat chocolate because they lack a certain enzyme in their saliva that breaks down the chemical compounds found in cocoa beans.

Can hamsters eat Oreos?

No, hamsters can’t eat Oreos. Hamsters can’t eat high sugar or caffeine foods. The best food hamsters can have sunflower seeds, fruit, and vegetables (like carrots).

Oreo cookies contain an excessive amount of Sugar and Caffeine, which should not be consumed by pets who cannot process these ingredients.

If you want your furry friend to stay healthy, then it’s better if you don’t feed them this type of cookie! It will lead to their lifespan shortening and can make them feel sluggish.

Can hamsters eat Oreos? [Oreo, Syrian Hamster, Foods]

What are Oreos made of?

Oreos are made of flour, sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil (a trans-fat), high fructose corn syrup, cocoa processed with alkali, and contains emulsifiers for baking. Oreo cookies also include eggs which can be a big problem if your hamster has allergies to egg proteins or is on an allergen-free diet.

The ingredients in the original recipe meant that they were vegan and gluten-free; however, it was changed in 2015 when the company introduced these changes due to pressure from consumers who wanted more “traditional” flavors like Double Stuf Oreos. As of this writing, there is no information on how the current recipe may affect those following either type of diet.”

Do Oreos have nutrients for hamsters?

The answer to this question is relative no. It depends on your pet’s needs from their diet – some people feed their pets “human” foods while others do so sparingly as treats only when it comes time for dinner. 

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Hamsters can’t eat Oreos. They are not good food because they contain ingredients that hamsters should avoid, such as eggs and gluten-based sugars. The hamster diet is made up mostly of seeds and other small vegetables like carrots, cabbage, green peppers, or the occasional apple slice.

The vet will provide more information about how many calories per day a hamster needs and advise which foods are best for them.

Why can’t hamsters eat Oreos?

Many owners found that hamsters can’t eat Oreos because they are allergic to chocolate. Hamsters should avoid all kinds of chocolate (including cocoa) as it can be fatal for them.

Hamsters cannot digest the sugar in an Oreo cookie and get very sick from eating one. The milk or cream in a slice is too thick for their small intestines to process quickly enough before bacteria grows and causes severe infection.

Plus, the high-fat content will lead to obesity which could shorten their lifespan by up to two years!

Because of these reasons, you want your hamster friend to have fresh vegetables instead of processed foods like Oreos! These healthier options may not taste good, but they are better for the hamster.

White hamster with black eyes

My hamster ate Oreo cookies; what should I do?

If it ate the black crumbs, it should not be serious trouble. But the sugary filling can be unhealthy for hamsters. It would help if you did not feed them with sugary treats such as cookies and candies.

The black crumbs are the wafer and cocoa butter, made with a mixture of sugar and vegetable fats (such as palm kernel oil). The sugary filling will cause tooth decay or obesity if it overeats.

Hamsters can’t digest Oreo cookies because they have a small intestine that cannot break down the sugar in the cookie. The milk and cream in the cookie are too thick for their digestive system to handle. Plus, they can cause tooth decay or obesity if the animal eats too many cookies.

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Instead, you should give your hamster safe treats like sunflower seed and broad beans that are a healthy treat for them!

If your hamster ate a whole Oreo, then you need to contact the vet as soon as possible. Your pet needs preventative care to avoid getting sick from eating gluten or chocolate (the ingredients found in most cookies). As such, it’s best not to give them any other types of sweets without checking with your veterinarian first!

Can my hamster die from eating Oreo cookies?

If you’re wondering, “can my hamster die from eating Oreo Cookies,” then first note that these treats may not be safe for your pet if he has any allergies or sensitivities to gluten (the protein found in wheat).

And yes, a hamster can die from eating the whole Oreo cookie, so avoid giving it to him. But do not be afraid if he only eats some black crumbs.

You should avoid giving him too many high-sugar items like cakes, pies, and ice cream because this can lead to obesity, but those would also need more investigation into whether or not they’re safe for hamsters.


Wrapping up, you should not feed your hamster with Oreo cookies. It is not safe for him and can contribute to obesity. However, if he eats a few cookie crumbs (that are black), don’t worry too much about it because hamsters usually have an insatiable appetite. Just make sure you’re feeding your healthy pet foods as well.

While I was writing this article with Syrian hamsters in mind – these same precautions may also apply to other types of hamster breeds such as Chinese or Russian Hamsters.

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